She's Our Friend & She's Crazy

I'm only one episode into Season 2, but felt inspired by Eleven and her heroic geek squad to put together a look straight from Hawkins.



This hat immediately reminded me of Hopper, and though I usually wear them further back on my head, the defined structure called for a State Trooper-esque placement. I contemplated it over coffee.


Y'all know the denim jacket is an homage to Billy, everyone's favorite "if Rob Lowe and George Michael had a lovechild" heartthrob. I've had this thing for 5 years, and it's never let me down. Thrown over a tee or a dress, it makes a look more complete. Pair it with jeans and you're all dressed for Canadian prom.



As a 90s kid obsessed with pop culture, I coveted the original "Free Winona" shirt. It was the ultimate cool girl tee, but this was 2001, and before we could get anything delivered with a couple of clicks. Luckily, the shirt has reappeared and is more timely than ever. Shout out to Joyce, #1 Mom.


Outfit Details

Hat & Tee: Bobby K Boutique 

Jacket: Violet & Claire

Velvet Leggings: Spanx

Shoes: K-Swiss 

Photography: Kelly Martucci